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Orca SC7 pics

Engine: Audi Twin Turbo V-8

Orca SC7

Although it is a very old car, I can’t deny that I really love the look of this special car, called Orca SC7. Orca uses super-light materials to reduce the weight of this supercar as much as possible. The result is obvious, SC7 weights just 850 kg.

orca-sc7-at-expo.jpg orca-sc7-back.jpg
Orca SC7

Its engine produces 738 ft lbs at 4200 rpm torque and outputs 850 horsepower, which sets power to weight ratio to 1 bhp:1 kg. The production of this Swiss supercar is limited to only 7 automobiles.

orca-sc7-rear.jpg orca-sc7-view.jpg
Orca SC7

ECS Tuning RA4 Clutch Kits

The ECS RA4 B5/B6 A4 Complete Clutch Kit is built around the well known and powerful OE RS4 clutch disc and pressure plate designed to handle the stock 380 daily driven horsepower of the European RS4. A direct bolt up to the stock 1.8T crank is made possible by the ECS Tuning custom designed lightweight steel flywheel. Increasing the disc diameter to 240mm over the stock diameter of just 228mm and reducing the combined rotational mass of the flywheel disc and pressure plate increases performance.

ECS Tuning RA4 Clutch Kits

ECS Stage I RA4 clutch kit does NOT include a RS4 clutch, but rather an OE S4 clutch & pressure plate. ECS has put together this clutch kit for customers looking to upgrade their clutch kit to a unit that was designed to hold 100 more HP than their stock clutch & still retain almost stock like clutch feel. This kit will easily handle mild turbo upgrades & yet will not have the somewhat heavy pedal feel that the OE RS4 clutch kit delivers.

You can find all details on ECS tuning.

V12 Supra Top Secret

V12 Supra Top Secret

Top Secret has been making the show rounds with its twin turbo V12 Supra for the past year, but it’s finally putting its money where its mouth is and going for a top speed of 400 km/h (248 mph) later this year in Italy. Breaching 200 km/h hasn’t been an issue since the boosted 6.0-liter V12 is supposedly pushing out over 1,000 hp.
Photos by Bulletproof Automotive.

Vauxhall Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition

BMW Tuning

BMW M3 Coupe by Hamann

Hamann manufactured products for BMW since 1986, tuning relying on motor-sport experience and the result: powerful performance enhancements, lift-reducing aerodynamics components and a sport braking system. Striking 19- and 20- inch light alloy wheels and interior modifications made of aluminium and carbon complement these upgrades.

The first tuning level increases the power of the 420 hp V8 by 20 hp and delivers an additional 25 Nm. This is achieved by re-programming the ECU. The top speed limiter is removed allowing the M3 to reach 186 mph. The 2ndtuning level releases a total of 35 hp and 48 Nm with the help of a stainless steel exhaust system. Obviously the engine management is tuned to suit the exhaust.

BMW M3 Coupe by Hamann

One of the technical highlights in the tuning program is the 3-piece wheel called EDITION RACE. The black-lacquered wheel center and the titan fittings emphasise the racing character. Due to its forge technology manufacturing, it is especially light improving handling, acceleration and braking.

Hamann offers interior accessories made of precious aluminium. Hand brake levers, gear sticks and pedals bring a racing flair and perfectly match Hamann’s interior set made of super-light carbon. Personalized floor mats up to complete leather equipments everything is made in handcrafted quality.

BMW M1 Homage Concept Car

BMW M1 Homage Concept Car is one amazing car. In a nod to the 30th anniversary of the fabled BMW M1 supercar, BMW Group Design just launched a new concept car that acts as a homage to it—and that’s also what they named it. At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2008 this week, the company debuted the BMW M1 Homage, which they call a “design study in the tradition of a BMW Turbo that represents a contemporary take on the BMW M1 and the mid-engine concept.”


The concept’s Liquid Orange paint is meant as a tribute to the original car’s color, The air vents in the hood, the twin rear badges, the rear window louvers, and the black cut line that separates the roof line from the rear of the car are also details that made it into the new version. The dimensions are mostly the same as the original except for an extended wheelbase for more interior room. The headlights almost disappear into the car when closed, as a kind of new iteration of the long-since-gone retractable lamps of old.


There’s no word on anything underneath the skin, but let’s hope they decide to build it.


BMW or Civic

BMW or Civic

The exterior kit, lights, rims, attitude, everything say that we deal with a BMW 5 Series. As we study it better, we see that we have a four cylinders engine. While you are seeing the pictures, tell me if you would prefer a Honda Civic or a pure-blood BMW?
All I have to say is that the color is amazing and the audio system is more than great! So, I guess it is a great tuning.

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